Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smoothie Detox

This is the smoothie detox I have been following this week. I'm really liking it actually. Once I got past day 2, it was smooth sailing! I did however break my blender and had to skip a smoothie but my new blender is way better so it all worked out. I've been following it exactly except for the fact that I had some potato chips and sushi yesterday (since I couldnt make my dinner smoothie) but other than that I've stayed on track. I havent been crazy about weighing myself but I must have lost an inch or so around my waist because I wore a dress the other day that I recently wasnt able to fit into. I'm doing it longer than 3 days to see my results and because I actually like the way the smoothies taste! I'm hoping that eating all these fresh fruits and vegetables will help me eat better in general once I stop doing the detox.

My favorite is the breakfast smoothie....all those yummy raspberries!!! Mmmmm! And I only miss candy a little :)

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