Saturday, April 6, 2013

Got Chalk....Paint? We do!

Kelli had told me how awesome this chalk paint stuff was a while ago. I had no idea! Once I got my hands on it, I wanted to paint everything. "Hey, could we paint this old frame?" YEP.

A Journey From Junk became proud stockists of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan at the end of February and its been great for biz! Out of 30 different colors of paint, we've dubbed Florence or, "Flo Jo" as we call it, our favorite. Not only have a I painted my own personal items in this color but we have several things in the shop this color as well. Obsessed.

Aint she cute?!

If you don't know much about Chalk Paint ®, its super easy to work with! It rarely involves the usual prep work like sanding and priming and its great for indoor or outdoor use. Applying the soft wax over your painted piece adds more durability and a smooth, buffed out look. You can mix colors together, create faux finishes, and funky distressed looks.

Here are some shots of what we have to offer and some fun painted pieces!

Our display
Some of the sample pots

Pretty sewing table in Antionette & Paris Grey

Florence on an old desk
 I'll be posting lots more about this awesome paint and what we have done with it. Just consider this a little preview!


  1. Tanya, Do you have "FLO-JO" in stock? sample size or quarts...??? I want it soooo bad!!! With the cost of gas and 'the paint' don't want to make a run to EC & leave empty handed that would just be sad :(. Also, missed the Celebration today, what are your hours during the week? I realize I probably could have found this info on the FB page but didn't have time to wade thru FB at this moment

  2. We are getting more Flo Jo in on Tuesday! 11-5 :)